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A beginner’s guide to buying the right Air Purifier

A beginner’s guide to buying the right Air Purifier

A beginner’s guide to buying the right Air Purifier

When it comes to purchasing an air purifier, a lot of questions must have come to your mind. You would want to know whether the air purifier you are choosing for yourself is the right one or not, whether it will work, and so on. That’s why we have prepared some FAQs for you which will answer most of the common queries which you have, and hopefully, this will help you to buy the right air purifier. Go on and read it thoroughly.

Does every air purifier utilise a similar type of filters?

No, every air purifier doesn’t use the same filter. There are a few air purifies that use HEPA filters; however, others use activated carbon filters. The primary purpose of HEPA is to capture every air particle, and activated carbon will apprehend VOCs, gases, and even capture odours. Other than this, there are a few other air purifiers which use both of these filters as well. If you are looking for better and broad protection, then air purifiers with both HEPA and activated carbon filters will be an ideal choice. You will also find air purifiers with UV germicidal lamp in the market too. It eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses.

Should I use the air purifier for 24 x 7?

Yes, you should use it nonstop. When you use the air purifieron a continuous basis, you ensure that your house or any space is getting optimum quality of air. It eliminates the build-up of any contamination in the air, even when the purifier is switched off for a few hours.

Will the air purifiers affect humidity levels, as well as temperature?

No, when you buy genuine air purifiers from a renowned source, then the temperature, as well as, the humidity levels of your home or any space, won’t get affected. Air purifiers purify the air and remove impurities; they don’t change the temperature or humidity level.

How about the cost of running air purifier?

Air purifies, as most people think, are not as expensive to run, and they don’t affect your utility bills as well. Modern-day air purifiers are designed, keeping in mind the energy rating. Even if you use them 24 x 7, they will not severely impact the electricity bill. You can check the energy star rating on the air purifier before buying it too. The more the score, the better it is for the electricity bill.

How often do we need to change the air purifier filters?

Every air purifier asks for a new air filter and with time and how long you use it for will be the deciding factor for when do you need to change the air filter. Every air purifiermodel comes with instruction and a proper guide to check and remind yourself when you need to change the filter. You can ask the seller of the air purifier too, to get an idea about the average lifespan of an air filter.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions. We hope we could answer a few of your queries too. Remember to buy the best quality air purifierfor your home that will ensure to optimise the air quality of your home.